11 Secrets To Grow your customers’ Base and crush Competition

Growing your customers base constantly should be one of your primary business goal.
Since customers are the lifeblood of any business, it is extremely vital your business continue generating leads and retaining your existing customers.

Infographics: how togrow customers base
Infographics: How to grow your customers base

Over the years, I have discovered that accomplishing the above is not so easy for many businesses as its often a primary concern for many.

Report shows that more than three in every five companies says that generating new business/ leads is often their biggest worry.

In this article, you’ll learn tips and strategies on how to:

Build your customer’s base from scratch seamlessly,

Outwit your business competition

Scale your business with some secret but simple proven and guaranteed business tools that most of your competitors doesn’t know about.

So let’s begin by addressing the question:

How do I grow my customers base ?

I’d share 11 business strategies that would help you in retaining and enlarging your customers.


Although Growing your business should be your responsibility, but it doesn’t necessarily means you have to do it yourself.

There are a few great tools and businesses that could help you achieve your growth target sooner than expected.

Many enterprise grew so quickly because they outsourced the marketing of their services to external clients.

If you are new in the world of marketing, you should go same route too.

Most young entrepreneurs who without prior experience tried to run their own marketing campaigns, Has most often made more losses than gains.

Here are three customers base growth hack you should look toward, if you want to expand your business very fast

(a) Jinonet leads generator.

How to Get hundreds of leads monthly
Email marketing in Nigeria

This company prides itself in generating hundreds of business leads to their clients, monthly.

A lead in marketing, is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads

Jinonet ltd has been in operation since 2014 and has since scaled its operations severally.

They’d basically request for your business niche and thereafter crawl the web for clients or customers who are in need of your services, or has searched for your products/ services or those who are using services closely related to the one your business offers.

They’d send complete details of hundreds of these leads monthly for your business to follow up and sell your services to them.

Some of the details that would be included are;

Business name, owner name, location, contact phone numbers and working emails, website, their most current portfolio and everything that would make you very close and acquainted with your would be customers.

But that’s not all!

They also provide follow up and cold email marketing services, they can send hundreds of mails to your customers weekly and try to sell your services to your leads and convert them into long term customers

This would enable those cold leads to quickly become customers and build a balanced relationship and excellent customer service with existing clients/ customers.

Jinonet customers service email is getnewleads@jinows.com.

(b) 10X Secret Tool.

Increase customer base 10X
Increase your customer base 10 times

Another super helpful tool for growing your customers base is the 10x business tool.

This business tool promises to improve your products online sales by 10 times.

Are you Struggling With The “Selling” Part Of Your Business?

Do you LOVE the idea of having a business…

But you struggle with the “selling” part?

It can be discouraging, and this where so many entrepreneurs get STUCK and stopped.

If you struggle with selling, you NEED this!

If you suck at selling, this will make a huge difference…

Increase customer base 10X
Increase your customers base 10 times

Russell Brunson is the World’s Highest-Paid Speaker, he sold $3 million in 90 minutes for one of his products.

With the 10X secret masterclass, you get mentored By The World’s Highest-Paid Speaker, and get some of the tips, metrics and strategies to grow your business as well as some of his sales letter templates that has made him millions of dollars.

You’d get a free two weeks access to the “LOST” Skill That Will Allow You Sell To ANYONE, On Any Platform at anytime.

And oh!

After your two weeks free trial, if this doesn’t revolutionize your business then you’re very free to opt out, no strings attached.

Get The 10X Secrets Masterclass now!

(c) Expert Secret book

This free expert secret book is forwarded by best selling author and business mogul Robert Kiyosaki.

The book equips you with all the tools and skills you’ll need to grow an audience of people who are ever willing to pay for your products or services.

Secrets to increase customer base
Secrets to increase customer base

Get your free copy here;

The above three business tools perfectly combines everything you’d need to grow your business to enviable heights and outwit any competition in your business niche.

2. Understand and know what your prospects and customers want

If you’re serious about the subject, then paying close attention to the needs of your clients or leads with the intention of meeting such need, should be a good starting point.

There’s been so much fuss about personalisation and customer insight – and rightfully so because these insight works like magic.

Understanding your customers’ needs can lead to better insights into your audience and allows you to develop services that are matched to your clients’ needs.

Try to be sensitive and attentive of the questions that your customers ask often, it will point you in the direction of solving their most dire needs.

This will invariably, help you stand out from your competitors.

It’ll help you sooth their pain-points which will lead to a better and long lasting relationship.

And it’s not just consumers who like this approach. It also works for business clients too.

It’s important that business owners understand what their clients are trying to achieve: their mission, their goals.

They should then look at the best ways to help such clients achieve such goals and customise their services to meet those exact needs. These helps to create a more balanced relationship

3. Split your time: Retain/ support existing clients while looking for new ones.

Most businesses do everything to get customers to pay for their one-off products/ services and then sleep on following them up or getting them back for a return purchase.

All great enterprise understands how important it is to get customers to keep coming back, if you want to crush your competitors, you should care about this as well.

Basically, there are two ways to get more business – win new business or get your existing customers to spend more. It’s important to ensure you don’t focus on one at the expense of the other, as both are important for growing your customer base.

4. Gain Customer Loyalty, Offer great customer service

How to grow your customers
How to grow your customers

This Research shows that 78% of people have walked away from a sale as a result of poor customer service.

To gain customers loyalty and keep your existing customers coming back, it’s important you offer great customer service.

If you’re able to get your customer service right, it has a positive impact on your customer base and the bottom line:

ONE Loyal customer is worth up to ten times the amount they originally spend.

Evaluate your customer service, make adjustment when necessary, make sure your customer service attendants are top class and has great temperament.

Ensure you respond to your customers quickly and keep an eye on social media so you can offer great service online too. Your customer numbers should grow as a result.

5. Expand Your Salesforce: Leverage your networks

When it comes to your personal business, your close pals are some of your greatest ally’s.
Most businesses gets promoted through words of mouth,

And who are the most likely to do such publicity other than your close friends.

Recommendations from others are so valuable:

This is basically the idea of the social capitalist – which is the true value of relationships.

If you as a business owner or marketer, know people that your would-be customers know, then there’s an implied trust, which in turn improve the chances of sales.

6. Partner with other businesses

Your ideal customer will already have relationships with other businesses and this offers a great opportunity.

By partnering with other firms which offer complementary services, you can not only reach a new audience but also potentially offer more to your customers.

“It’s about looking around and keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities. Be open to new ideas and speak to people to see if they’re interested.”

7. Go Online; Make use of social media

Who in this modern era doesn’t use social media to promote their businesses?

Social media has revolutionised the way customers and businesses share and received information and have conversations.

From online customer service to using social media to getting insights into your audience, there are now excellent opportunities for businesses to reach out via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks.
Which ever platform works for you will depend on your business type, your audience and the way you most prefer or is most convenient to communicate with your customers.

8. Think big: Think Out of the Box

Generating more customers
Growing your customers

Can you work with other big companies?


If you’re a small business who truly wish to quickly grow your customers base then, you should consider collaboration with bigger players in your niche to which your products or services can serve as complement to.

But many small companies find it intimidating to make the first contact.

In time past, many big corporations may not have given due respect or may even have been suspicious of smaller businesses.

But they now recognise that they offer value and have lower costs too.

For instance:

If a large corporation observed that they are losing some of their clients or customers to another company which offers some extra services that they don’t offer or aren’t willing to render at the time,

Their best bet is collaboration with smaller businesses which tends to offer such extra services.

As a small business owner, you may not know that such opportunities exist with large businesses until you reach out.

Ordinarily, large businesses won’t reach out to smaller ones, its usually the other way round.

So think out of the box, search out those organizations with such opportunities, attach your business to them and tap into their large customers audience.

9. Know your strengths and weaknesses

If you are a “Horse” player and you’re very much aware of your strength in “speed“, do not be tempted to go into a race with a “Fish” player inside the water.


If you’re a “cheeter” player do not be tempted to stretch your luck and go into a long distance race with a “humming bird” player.

You’d lose!

The idea is simple:
Know the extent your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s definitely worth testing a range of marketing approaches and seeing what works. But remember that every business is different, so you may find that some approaches don’t work. Don’t be afraid to drop these.

10. Learn to Adapt as your business grows

It’s important to keep trying new ways of reaching your audience and don’t automatically reject things that might not have worked in the past.

As your company becomes established, you may find your customers come from different sources. This is why it’s important to keep track of business analytics, metrics and your financials.

When you begin a business, you might get customers from a more narrow audience, but sooner a wider mixture of places as the business grows.

At the start, it could only be through friends and family

Later on the business begins to get people through word of mouth, advertising, from attending markets and even through Google and the website.

With all these growth stages, the business has to learn to adapt to the new customers influx and balance rendering a great customers service with scouting for fresh customers.

11. Measure what works for you

As you try out new approaches of attracting new customers, be sure to monitor where they come from and which sources offer the most value.

Continue to refined your approach or scale up activities that work to grow your customer base further.

If you’re a total beginner in products/ services marketing or you’d rather wish to see a quicker result of increased customers base.

Then I’d encourage you to try out, the three awesome customers growth hack tools I mentioned earlier.


how do you you want to attract new customers to your business?

Which growth hack strategies are you going to try first?

Drop your questions, comments and other suggestions below.

Infographics: how togrow customers base
Infographics: How to increase customer base

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